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Welcome is your database for Star Citizen walk-throughs, game information, lore discussion & starships. Pretty much every single thing involving the game is here or will be soon. Our main goal is to provide players with an accurate, reliable, and valuable reference for Star Citizen: Squadron 42 and its game mechanics, strategies, tactics, mission lines, zone information, Lore, Weapons, Materials, Planets, Races, etc. We further aim to seamlessly integrate in-game features like player squadron data, player profiles, in-game news, squadron logbooks, item databases, and starship statistics. We intend to update our community daily to enable discussion at the highest level while promoting the formation of social circles, in-game rivalries, and a strong sense of community identity, in-game and in real life.
This website is here to present information only; All Intellectual Properties and images found here are owned by Cloud Imperium Games

We are currently maintaining 81 articles.